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UI GreenMetric Internship

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We are looking for Internship (Work From Home)

General Requirements:
1. Enrolled as an active Undergraduate Student minimum in the 3rd semester in all study programs at Universities which are members of UI GreenMetric  
2. An Indonesian citizen (WNI) currently residing in Indonesia
3. Not more than 23 years old.
4. Have a good skill in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Power Point
5. Good Speaking and writing skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
6. Have pleasant personality and eager to learn, problem solver, creative, innovative, have a high motivation, high endurance,  and responsible in completing the work.
7. Able to work in a team 
Specific  Requirements:
* Social Media Communication Specialist:
- Content creator with knowledge of best practices for the platform.
- Analytical approach to optimizing social strategy.
- Creative, innovative personality that is always thinking outside of the box.
- Proficient in use of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
- Experience with email newsletter platforms such as Constant Contact
- Experience with Photoshop or other application desaign.
- Photography and videography skills (or a strong motivation to develop them) desired.

* Partnership Specialist
- Solid knowledge of event, partnership, and brand marketing.
- Having previous experience in media relation will be good
- Good time-management skill
- Having some knowledge of legal drafting
- Having negotiation skills.

* Program Specialist 
- Strong technical knowledge.
- Strong organizational skills.
- Project management experience.
- Meticulous attention to detail.
- Multi-tasker with a strong work ethic.

- experience working with sustainability officers in the universities around the world and government in Indonesia.
- Ceritificate of participation
- Monthly stipend

If you are interested to join our team at UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, please submit your CV and recommendation from your head of study program at https://s.id/InternshipUIGM2022

Closing Date 5 July 2022

Please direct all questions to Hastin Setiani (WA: 085774754548). 


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